Studio Ghibli: The Ocean Waves


Ok so for my first time blogging I wanted to do a review on this film that I watched a few days ago ( so typical but hear me out) Ghibli Studio will definitely lure you with their fascinating story lines and art! My first ever anime was Spirited Away (one of the most popular films) and from there on I became addicted. For my first blog I wanted to start with something that isn’t a typical Ghibli film but its worth watching at least once. I first want to say that this film was NOT directed by either Hayao Miyazaki or Isao Takahata but the art is definitely something you’ll enjoy if you love Ghibli films. 3021d8083f73885b573df97483de918d

It’s told from the point of view of a male student. A new female transfer student arrives from Tokyo and the plot moves forward in an interesting way. It never hurries, and feels very matter of fact. By the end of the film lessons are learned and the heart strings are pulled. It’s a shame that this little gem is often underrated, under-appreciated and neglected by Ghibli fans, because it’s so not like anything Ghibli has done so far (which, ironically, is one of the reasons why I love it so much). It doesn’t follow the usual Miyazaki formula (i.e. brave and independent heroine, epic stories, unusual adventures…you get the picture). Instead, it just tells a simple (yet highly-effective) coming-of-age story about an ordinary high school teenager in a realistic and sincere way. You may not have the similar experience as the male protagonist, but you can certainly relate to him and understand what he’s going through (at least I could) .


I love all kinds of anime and I give them all a chance no matter how subtle the subject might be. I feel like its not always about the story sometimes it can be the art alone that will intrigue you!  This movie doesn’t try to do too much; it simply focuses on the main characters and tells their story honestly. You never feel manipulated as you do with many Hollywood films. The dramatic conflicts are real and interesting.If you appreciate a fine subtle authentic slice-of-life story of high school romance, this is as good as it gets.If you liked the content on my blog please follow!! also click on the link to watch  >>> The Ocean Waves

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