My top 3 Underrated : anime films

There’s so much good anime out there but I personally have an eye for weird not so popular anime. There’s been times I’ve watched something I wasn’t really into but did it for the experience. A lot of my favorite ones are older ones because they just seem so fresh and the art is so authentic to me.  I’ve  decided to post 3 of my  favorite  anime from the 90s and 80s (these are a little on the dark side). Theres so many I could list but I just wanted to point out some that arent appreciated as much.


#3  Memories (1995)


Now this film has 3 different parts and they’re all so freaking good, the art is mind blowing to me. I wanted to point Magnetic Rose because its the longest part and also my favorite story out of all 3 parts. To say much about the story spoils a bit of the mystery, so I will keep my descriptions to a minimum. Four space travelers are drawn into an abandoned spaceship that contains a world created by one woman’s memories and lets say shit gets creepy pretty quick. I’ve watched this anime a while back I must say that probably 5 minutes into it I knew I was going to like it.The film was created by Katsuhiro Otomo, director/creator of Akira, so the similarity in the artwork makes sense. The details on the artwork is so crisp and fascinating I promise you will not be disappointed with this little gem. memories 3

Click on the link to watch >>> Magnetic Rose

#2 Perfect Blue (1997)


All I could say when I first watched this is (WTF) did I just watch, the films ending is the total opposite of what was running through my mind while watching it. The story is based on a pop idol who decided to drop her music career and become an actress.  She then notices that shes being stalked and even has a online forum that starts posting every detail of her life. She totally lost control of reality and became completely  delusional. Again as much as I want to go into detail I feel like it wont be as exciting to watch because you already know what to expect. bb0cbe1c44c8959807124d10242c813f8c66e7d1_hq

Click on the link to watch >> Perfect Blue


#1 Neo Tokyo (1987)


This is also a 3 part film its one of those anime that will have you feeling like there should of been more to the story but still satisfied with the way it was all put together. Part one The Labyrinth: Part One follows Sachi,  a girl locked in a game of hide and seek with her cat Cicerone. Her search leads her to an old long case clock which doubles as a doorway to a labyrinth world. Part Two Running Man: This short is based on a car racer whos been undefeated for 10 years. After a reporter was sent to interview the racer He soon discovers the champion has telekinetic abilities which he uses to destroy the other racers. Part Three The Order to stop construction:  A nerdy little salaryman named Tsujioka is dispatched from corporate headquarters down to a construction project thats ran by robots, to shut it down.  This last part was directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, creator/director of Akira and also Memories. I must say the art is impeccable on all three parts but Part One and Part Three are my favorites. 90733f424a5a6967633a01f7f7f6ff3e

giphy (2)

Click on the link to watch>>>> Neo Tokyo


That sums it up for now…..

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