Cant go wrong with the dark side of anime.

I noticed that I tend to favor older anime a little more than the usual. I feel like they took their time creating them, the story lines are much more solid and the art is fine to me. A lot of people tend to only watch newer anime because the feel that older ones “look too old”. I can list a million that is totally worth watching, one I will cover today is Wicked City.


So basically theres two worlds, a world where humans live in and a dimension called “The Black World” roamed by shape-shifting demons whom have been living secretly among us for many years. There has been a peace treaty assigned between the two worlds yet a Black World  gang want to stop that treaty from ever happening. Their target is a wise old yet perverted  peace keeper who is the one to make the treaty. Hes is protected by two top agents named Taki who is your basic human agent and Makie who is a sexy black world agent (her power is super long nails which sounds funny but shes pretty cool) . The usual happens both agents become attracted to each other regardless of their human and demon background. I have to say I’ve enjoyed this  film more because it was action packed and had very nice visuals. The excessive violence and nudity is something this film has gotten recognition for honestly but its not all it is about.  tumblr_luma0zRdFG1qmpg90o1_500.gif


Many feel like the this particular film is “overrated” due to the nudity and things that are never explained , like why people have their powers?  What the overall goals are for each side or what the plot-twist is supposed to mean, as hardly anything here happens for a reason. I personally just didn’t like the sound track it was pretty cheesy felt like they could of done better then again it gives it that vintage; authentic vibe so whatever. Overall I look at it as a fun film that has lots of action and isn’t predictable. So annoying when people give a bad review just because the cant somehow use common sense and go with the freaking flow. If you’re not a regular to anime then you most likely find this boring and wont get much out of it. When I first started watching anime I felt like I would always watch the same crap then little by little I gave films like this a chance and totally appreciated different styles and just because its new it doesn’t mean that its better. I will start to cover newer anime as well but I just had to share this with you guys to kind of prove that newer doesn’t mean its better. I’ve been working on some pretty cool stuff but due to computer issues I haven’t been able to post much will hopefully have some of it posted by tomorrow. Don’t forget to like and follow!!!!!!



Click on the link to watch>>> Wicked City

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