How about Bounty Hunters?

Ok so lately I’ve been covering a lot of old school anime, today I wanted to switch it up a little (maybe) …. Honestly I’ve been trying to find the right anime to pick only because I didn’t want to bore anyone with “old looking stuff” but what ever hopefully this one will do Cowboy Bebop!! Now I will admit that I haven’t watched the actual show only the movie and because of the movie I will definitely binge watch the series. This film was released back in 2001 so Im not taking you too far back with this one!


There are 4 bounty hunters (kind of like a family I guess) Spike, he has a cocky type personality seems like nothing phases him. Faye, I felt like she was the female version of spike because she is also un-phased by anything (at least that’s what I got from the movie) Edward the groups hacker she gave me a ditsy kind of vibe but she is actually pretty smart ( I also thought she was a boy). Last character is Jet black to be honest majority of the movie it just showed him in the main ship which obviously meant he was the captain, I’m pretty sure there’s a story behind him that I don’t know about since I haven’t watched the series.  In the movie the four of them are after an ex military terrorist named Vincent that is planning on spreading a virus to kill a whole city. To be honest Vincent’s motives weren’t very clear to me I felt like it was maybe revenge or if he wanted something out of it??? (idk)  The movie over all had a very solid plot here are these bounty hunters that see a very large reward to capture this guy but have no clue what they’re getting themselves into. tumblr_oril19qqvu1ucpcboo1_500

The visuals on this film were so pleasing to the eye it had that whole futuristic yet retro look to it ( my kind of anime) the movie is about 2 hours long and I loved every minute of it. My favorite part had to be when a character named Electra was introduced, the whole little fighting scene between her and spike was pretty cool and smooth. At first I thought she was a bad guy but she definitely isnt her motives are genuine and you’ll learn that shes just trying to help out Vincent. I’ve also learned that Cowboy Bebop creator is the same as Samurai Champloo (one of my favorite series) so the detail in the art work is very similar. Some people like to first watch a series then the movie to I guess not feel lost, I’m the total opposite I feel like if 2 hours doesn’t impress me then why even bother. I’ve done this with many shows that I’ve come to deeply love for amazing story lines one of them is Evangelion which I’m planning on covering very soon. Overall I give this movie an A+ it has it all,  good art and great characters!!tumblr_nzm7qnOKeI1ucpcboo1_500


Click on the link to watch>>>Cowboy Bebop movie

Ps. I’m always asked where do I watch my series and films so I insert the link to make it easier. Really trying my hardest to cover things that are worth watching if , please comment if there’s any particular series or films that I should add to my blog. Also don’t forget to like and follow!!!!!

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