The Wolf Children


So this one Ill have to keep it simple its not one of those anime that have a crazy, action packed story line.Its still worth sharing once again I can watch literally anything, I’m  pretty sure this is more of a chick anime lol but due to the art and also the story I had to cover it. The Story follows Hana, a young University Student who falls in love with a strange young man. It soon turns out he’s a mysterious Half-Wolf-Half-Man descendant. Things start to take a more drastic turn when He dies leaving Hana alone to raise their two children. The rest of the film follows the children as they grow up and how Hana manages to raise them and deal with their gift, habits, situations and morals. The central action takes place in their new country home surrounded by wilderness and their interactions with the town folks and wild life. The story is very heartwarming and cute as time goes on, there are some dark parts that become very heart wrenching. There’s some very distinctive Ghibli influence in this piece of work its a must see. One thing I truly loved about the film is that it was told from Yuki point of view ( the daughter). Its not an over the top film but the small things that make the story worth watching. It is a 2 hour film so if you’re not a slice of life type of person then I wont suggest it honestly lol but I totally loved it!!


giphy (6)

Click on the link to watch>>>>>The Wolf Children

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