Michiko e Hatchin


Hey guys I’m finally back!! I was super bummed about being away for a whole week but due to some technical issues I haven’t been able to post anything until now!

Today I wanted to cover one awesome series, Michiko and Hatching if you’re looking for an action filled series then here you go, you’re welcome! So this baby came out back in 2009, I discovered it back in 2012 when shopping for anime series and films at Best Buy. Ok so first bought the first part and seriously watched it in like a day, Ioved it so much that I went back and got the part 2. 13599430_f520

The series is based on a fugitive named Michiko who is love with a man named Heroshi, now Heroshi was declared dead years ago but while in prison Mishiko learned that Heroshi left an orphan child behind and she was born a year or two “after he was pronounced dead”. Due to Mishikos issues with the law she’s been in a high security prison which she some how manages to escape to search for this orphan child who she later finds. One thing I love about Mishiko is that she loves hard she will risk and do anything for the person she cares about the most. So to recap episode 1 you will learn about a little girl named Hana who living in foster care. She lives with a local pastor and his family ( they are all complete assholes to her) yet she puts up with it because she fears that there isn’t better out there for her. Although the family treats her as a total pest they keep her around due to the extra income they receive because of her. So Michiko tracks Hana down and basically shows up to her homed to kidnap her ( sort of) she feels that if she can track Hana down then she has a solid reason to look for Heroshi. Hana wasn’t so fond of Mishiko but towards the first episode you can see that theres something that Mishiko has that Hana in a way wants (maybe a mother kind of bond that she felt even if mishiko is nut) its definitely a really interesting plot to this series. You might be wondering whats or who is Hatchin, well thats Hana. She no longer wanted to be called Hana so Michko gave her the Nickname, even though Hana didn’t like it at first she decided to keep the name. Although the show has many character with great story lines I must say aside from Michiko, Atsuko also grew on me. Atsuko lived in the same orphanage as Michiko, and seems to have a score to settle with her. She is now a outlaw vigilante and was the responsible for Michiko’s arrest 12 years before the main plot. Michiko likes to call her “Jambo” (a Portuguese Brazilian slang word that refers to a dark or brown skinned person), in order to get her angry. She seems to have mixed feelings for Michiko and is sometimes seen helping her out of a bad situation while still trying to bring her in.


Although the setting  of the story was never mentioned in the series, based on the music style that was used (which I totally loved) and the Portuguese language. I will assume it will have to be Brazil or somewhere in South America. I must say the art was amazing to me it was very Samuraii Champloo- ishh. Michiko and Hatchin follows the two unlikely companions on their journey to find a man from their pasts, and in the course of the show we see wonderfully written characters going through beautiful character development. Its defiantly something worth watching , its 22 episodes each about 22 minutes long. Im not usually a DUB person but the dub on this series has so much emotion (ps I only tag subs because some people make it seem like its hard to read captions) I must say that the only think I truly dislike about this series is Heroshi. His character disappointed me (just a shitty individual) the fact that everyone always spoke so highly of him, he just disappointed me completely! Over all the show was amazing the end left me a little sad but over all was very realistic.



Click on the link to watch>>>> Michiko e Hatchin

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