Elfen Lied

Hey guys Im back again with a new blog definitely worth reading and watching, wanted to cover one of my all times favorite (I know I say that a lot but I watch a lot of good stuff). I really will try my hardest to not spoil it for everyone but then again its pretty hard explain this whole thing and not go into detail on what its about. This anime is on the darker spectrum in the anime world,  Elfen Lied involves lots of violence and nudity so brace yourself.


Lets start with some basic knowledge real quick so that everything makes sense as I start to explain.The show focuses on the “Diclonius” which is a mutated species, they basically look just like humans but just a small difference. They have these horn-like protrusions on the forehead (which kind of look like cat ears)  you’ll notice that they have these invisible arms that come out of these horns called vectors  (can compare it to being telekinetic almost but not really lol) .  I want to start off with Lucy the main character, she is a Diclonius and one of the most dangerous one she managed to escape from the lab facility where she was held captive for researched and basically has killed everyone. It the turns into a man hunt where they send out a military squad to look for her and she manages to get away, however she did suffer from a head injury that left her with a split personality. There is Lucy which is dangerous and ready to wipe out the human species and then there is Nyu who has a child like mentality and is extremely innocent. She is found washed up naked on the beach by Kouta and Yuka  and end up taking Lucy back home (would you take a bloody naked human home??). Although the show portrays Lucy as person that wants to end the human race, I personally believes that her traumatic childhood has caused her to kill anything that comes her way and uses that as a reason for it to be ok to kill (basically a psychopath I guess lol). Kouta is the next character I want to discus he has also had a traumatic experienced as a child which you won’t learn about until almost the end of the series. Comes to develop feelings for Lucy not knowing what she really is and what she had done. Yuka to me doesn’t have much of a background story except for following Kouta majority of the time, she does had feelings for Kouta which causes her to act out of jealousy each time Kouta is with Lucy. Then theres Mayu a 14 year old girl, neglected by her mother and a victim of sexual abuse by her stepfather. She eventually runs away and is homeless at the start of the series, living on the beach and subsisting on bread crusts from a local bakery under the pretense that they are for the small puppy, Wanta, that accompanies her. She ends up living with Kouta and Yuka as her legal guardians, and later befriends Nana and tries to take her under her wing. Then there Nana also known as Number 7, she is a young Silpelit (Diclonius born from a human) girl who has the physical appearance of a 14 year old, she was also sent out to search for Lucy and destroy her basically. Most Diclonius babies are euthanized at birth, but Nana was one of a handful kept alive for use as a test subject. As a result she has spent her entire life in a research facility like where Lucy was kept. Nana can be seen as the exact opposite of Lucy, while Lucy’s default personality is serious and cold Nana’s is fragile, friendly, and kind. Nana’s default personality is very similar to Nyu and she also thinks much like a child and has never used her vectors to kill anyone.



One thing I want to point out is that the series has 13 episodes all through I personally believe that the plot was perfectly executed, I also think that if it were a little longer the character development would of been much better. Characters like Yuka and Mayu felt like filler characters they were there for certain reasons but we don’t really know much about them like we do with Lucy, Nana and Kouta. I get that there certain things that can’t really be covered in a 13 episode series but still it would of been nice to actually give more emotion to these characters that we see for 13 episodes. Although to many the art is bland I personally believe that it is pretty good I did notice some of the seen where the vectors are shown that they use 3d art ( not a fan of it maybe they did it to stand out) I prefer when they appear invisible and all you see is destruction.


The fact that the show is based on hunting these Diclonius pisses me off because they basically could of killed them all but instead decided to keep them captive for experiment and didn’t think they will eventually try to escape (then all hell breaks loose for their stupidity). Why do I think its worth the watch?? Well as a religious anime viewer I believe that some shows even if they’re lacking on some things, are still considered  master pieces. Nothing is perfect and I honestly have seen some shows that are so ridiculously long that eventually I either loose interest or it becomes corny because they just keep dragging the storyline. Theres some shows that we wish they would of made longer but at the same time don’t you think because there were so many things that were unanswered that we in a way think its best to leave it at that and not drag it?? Its that little bit of mystery that in a way gives the show some kind of charm to it,  I really won’t recommend anything that isn’t good or solid enough to watch. I rate this an 8/ 10 stars due to small things that Ive mentioned its not a solid 10 but still something worth watching. From the visuals and the story takin you back how it all began it was a pretty anime. Again guys sometimes hate going into detail when I blog because I hate when someone spoils a show I haven’t watched. I know that theres people out there who actually like to know whats going to happen to determine if its worth watching. If you feel I should write the spoilers and just let you know everything let me know what you think. If you like what you read please like and go view my previous post!!! The link to watch Elfen Lied is below lodlm


Watch>>>>>> Elfen Lied


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