Roujin Z

Hey guy I’m back with an awesome anime for y’all, I suck for only dropping a blog once a  week but I’m woking on some pretty cool stuff I promise!! I wanted to cover one awesome film that I watched today I must say that its never too late to learn new things. As yall know I am a huge fan of Katsuhiro Otomo’s work, theres just something about his retro- futuristic themes that are just so appealing  to me. Although Ive basically watched most of his work Ill be quite honest I NEVER watched Roujin Z, I definitely felt like I was missing out this needed to be something I should of watched. while back. Lets begin with all the cool stuff that will make you click the link below and watch!!tumblr_oxxzi7vD9n1wdqo1eo1_500

As the story opens, scientists are alarmed that there are too many old people.

Ambitious medical students resent them, because geriatric care is seen as a career dead-end. A computerized machine, named the “Z-001,” is invented to provide a permanent home for the elderly. It’s a walking, talking combination of a hospital bed, a robot and a computer, and once a patient is installed in one, he’s expected to stay there until he or she dies. We have the main character Haruko who was the caregiver of Kiyuro the man who was volunteered to test out this bed. Haruko is appalled at the idea of him being in an experiment, she feels the need to save Kiyuro when she realizes that he starts hacking  into her work computer to cry for help. The film gets pretty twisted when this machine bed ends up turning into a monster almost type of thing and starts terrorizing the town.original

Now the film is a little similar to Akira because somehow a human falls in an experiment  gone wrong but still in its own way its totally different. Character development isn’t like Akiras, the story unravels pretty quick while Akira builds up a little before all shit breaks loose. I personally was still impressed even if its not on the level of Akira, we don’t want to be watching the same shit anyways, do we??  As far as art detail its not as good as Akira but still falls very close to it and I love it!!  still_3_3_790x398



Directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Produced by
  • Yasuhito Nomura
  • Yasuku Kazama
  • Yoshiaki Motoya[1]
Screenplay by Katsuhiro Otomo
Story by Katsuhiro Otomo
Music by Fumi Itakura[1]
Cinematography Hideo Okazaki[1]
Edited by Eiko Nishide[1]
Tokyo Theaters Co.
The Television Inc.
Movic Co
TV Asahi
Sony Music Entertainment
Release date
  • September 14, 1991(Japan)
Running time
84 minutes
Country Japan

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