Must see short films

Happy Humpday guys to celebrate mid week I wanted to drop something simple yet pleasing to the human eye. So far Ive covered some pretty interesting stuff this week I want to focus on what makes anime so exciting. You might want to know what that is don’t you?? Well its the ART of coarse, we have many viewers out there that can’t really get into an anime if it doesn’t have good art. Now the 3 anime films I will be listing are pretty simple but the art really is just so mesmerizing when watching ( and by simple I meant SHORT) Short films aren’t for everyone I personally like short films because they basically get right to the point and usually leaves you wondering what else could of or should of happened, to many thats stupid and pointless but to me the whole purpose of art is to get a reaction out of you right??

#3 Into the forest of fireflies 


This film is only 44 minutes long so it won’t take much of your time to check it out!!To give a brief summary of events – a young girl meets a boy, who is in fact a spirit dwelling in the forest. The boy, however mustn’t be touched by a human, for it would result in him disappearing for all eternity. They spend the summer days with each other, and when the girl must return to home from her vacation, she promises to visit him again next summer. And that’s eactly what she does – for the next few years. During that time she grows up, and her age is slowly getting closer to the age of the boy (who due to being a spirit doesn’t age or ages very slowly). And then, one summer, comes the grande finale – he invites her to a spirit festival, during which he touches a human kid who tripped himself and was about to fall. Then, for as much as a few seconds, the two people who loved each other are able to touch, sense, confirm the object of their love. And after what seemed to be a blink of an eye… he’s gone. He’s not there – his mask left behind as the only proof of his existence. To love, yet not to be able to. Watching this film made me appreciate and respect the anime culture even more, the fact that such films are able to get such reactions out of me is something I value very much. Into_the_forest_of_fireflies_light_by_puddiwan-d5v3sf0

Click on the link to watch>>>> Into the forest of fireflies


#2 Someones Gaze


Again I am covering short anime so this one is only about 6 to 7 minutes long, simple short story that tells us how fast things move in life and connection between family when you grow up. This short tried to show us the true emotions between family after we grow up, we lack more and more time for our family, and only respond in some rare important situations, which can actually be last chance to make a contact. Would be really nice story if it were a full movie, now this was created by Makato Shinkai same person who directed  5 centimeters per second so you can imagine how mind blowing the art on this short film is. Definitely take 7 minutes out of your time to appreciate  good art and a warm story!!


Click on the link to watch>>>> Someones Gaze

#1 The Garden of words 


My reaction 5 minutes into the film was holy mother of god, this movie looks fantastic!!!! The art is incredible and breath taking, I seriously couldn’t get over the detail! This film was also directed by Makato Shinkai which means you will not be disappointed with what you’re about to watch. Garden of Words revolves around a 15 year old boy who, on raining mornings (only) skips school to go to the park. A peaceful sanctuary where he likes to indulge his number one passion, designing  and then making hand-made shoes. On one of these occasions he meets a woman twelve years his senior  sitting in his favorite spot. Slowly but surely they develop a friendship somewhat awkward and adolescent. He’s struggling to find his place in the world, she’s older but clearly has issues  herself and also isn’t sure where she stands in life. Later on in the film you’ll come to discover that the woman who will meet with this boy on rainy days is a teacher at his school. Toward the end you’re like WTF as you’re putting all the pieces of the puzzle together but still a good film for only being 45 minutes long.  Call me crazy but I think this is the best art I have EVER seen so far (no 3D effects) the use of color and detail is just extremely impressive.



Click on the link to watch>>>>>The Garden of words

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