Ok so I just finished watching this mini series and I totally love it!! I never heard of it but one of my twitter followers told me to check it out and Im glad I watched it. If you want to watch something but don’t want to commit to 24+ episode definitely watch this series. First off I found this anime pretty funny and the style of art is so unique, it can go from detailed to a comic type feel to a very sloppy look (sloppy in a good and unique way)j0676

The Characters

Keep in mind that FLCL has only 6 episodes (first season) so the character development is a bit non existent. Theres only a few characters that appear consistently on the episodes, Naota Nandaba he’s  12 and is the main character of the first season of FLCL.  As the main character he is pretty nonchalant but is always stuck in some kind of BS. You’ll also learn Naota admire his older brother a lot (who lives in America) he feel like he has to sort of fill his older brother shoes.  Haruko Haruhara is pretty spontaneous and creates all the chaos yet kind of fixes it ( like I said its pretty weird) at first I thought she was a total nut case then Im like she’s definitely not human!  Then there is Mamimi she’s in high school and used to date Naotas older brother. Her character was a little odd because I feel like she likes Naota, it seems like she kind of sexually harasses him which is pretty weird because Mamimi is in high school and Naota is only 12.  Theres also Naotas father and grandfather who are total perves and just weird af.


The plot??

I have absolutely no idea what the fuck was going on. I get the basics, but I feel like a TON of it just went way over my head. I understand that the underlying message is Naota’s coming of age and that a lot of the content was metaphorical for reaching sexual maturity…but, weirdly enough, the actual plot of it was what I couldn’t get a grasp on. Anybody else have this problem? Its most likely because everything is being cramped into these 6 episodes that are about 24 minutes long but it was very good. The series does explain a little bit in one of the episodes how Haruko uses her Vespa and bass guitar to open channels in people’s heads for something like a quantum teleportation. (I don’t really understand how that works.) I know that it only works well in some people, and doesn’t work well in others. So when she hits Naota she’s disappointed at first because nothing happens, but she’s later excited because the robot Canti comes out. Canti is a Medical Mechanica robot. Haruko used Naota’s head to transfer Canti, who Atomsk is actually imprisoned in. Whenever Canti turns red and eats Naota, I think he’s using Naota as a buffer or a transfer device for Atomsk’s powers. Thats about all I got from it, the setting of the story takes place in a town where not thing really happens. I personally really enjoyed everything about it I felt like there isn’t much character development for some of the charters I liked but its all good I Still enjoyed it very much.


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