Happy Friday y’all!! Why not end the week with a kick ass anime film that I’ve been wanting to cover for a while but didn’t really have the right words to express it( I also wanted to make up for the rushed and poorly executed blog that I posted yesterday). I first want to just start by saying that the art on this film is very unique, I LOVE everything about this film. From its deep storyline to the smallest detail of art in each scene.


This film is pretty weird, from its distinctive look to its unique source of material. Whats so special to me about this film to me is that it brought our my inner child, Tekkonkinkreet is about the joy and innocence of being a kid. Its also about the pain that comes with leaving that time behind. The story reveals the the lives of Black and white, people always remember the Yin and Yang, the black and the white, but they tend to forget that in the white there is a circle of black, and in the black there is a circle of white. A showing that in the great moments of our life there is great suffering, in the harshest of times there is always hope, and within the flow of time in this layered rotating circle we find balance and purpose and meaning. These two are orphan delinquents who have made the city of Treasure town their home, everything about their lives feels as if it was pulled from a Childs fantasy from their “superhuman” agility to the way that they dress, the way that they survive by scavenging and scrounging from the towns inhabitants. They lives a life worry and fear free but it has a tinge of sadness to it all. Through the shots of White and Black you’ll notice that they kind of live about society but in their minds they aren’t a part of it (if that makes sense) In some ways it felt lonely to me because they don’t have parents, they don’t have a support system, they’re alone but its ok because they have each other.  White is the youngest and more innocent character, reality hasn’t set in for White, he’s just this little guy full of joy and creativity. I loved Whites perspective of reality because it felt so real even if it didn’t make sense. He is in his own little world full of fantasies his reality is not like all the other characters.  Black by contrast is the older more responsible and most savage of them both, he is very hostile to anyone who is not White and he’s very protective of his younger brother.


Even though it is never mentioned in the film some parts suggest that Black had a pretty cruel upbringing, so to him White and the life that they formed together is the childhood that he’s never had. In the film Black eventually realized that their state of infancy can’t last any longer, they are both coming to an end to a very particular phase in their lives. This is basically the heart of Treasure town, what makes it so special to me is how the theme is expressed in the world around them (that the world being Treasure town) this Town is what makes the movie just like the characters story not only because I enjoy deep storylines but its just because it all felt so realistic (nostalgic) is more like the feeling. Just like the story the art just has this charm to it all, it all felt like a Childs fantasy, if you look closely in the background of each framework it had its own little story to tell. You can figure out whats behind a character even if much wasn’t said through out the scene. Its more than just looking aesthetically pleasing but the artwork fills in the empty corners of Treasure Towns Tale. To sum it up Treasure Town has a sense of freedom that comes with being a child but now that the freedom is no longer there, as Black and White are pursued through a transformed treasure town. The place that used to feel like familiar, the place that used to be home now starts feeling alien and cold. That message was relatable to me, reminds you that no phase in life can last forever and this is why I truly appreciated this film so much. I think  accepting that something is over and we need to move on is one of the most difficult things about life but it also means that when something ends it gives us the space to move forward and find happiness in a new world. I wanted to keep some mystery behind this film it is so worth watching and theres no point in reading a review that will spoil the whole film. I only covered the two main characters and setting but you’ll be surprised on what happens!

I think you guys need to check it out and comment your thoughts below! If you appreciate my hard work and agree with my choice in anime please follow and like my blog, also check out my previous posts! Any how click on the link to Watch Treasure Town  


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