Why I love Studio Ghibli

Helllooo! Im finally back with a little something I felt like posting, I took an oath to not write about Studio Ghibli films when I started my blog due to it being so dammm popular and also because its just not fair, if I write about one film I will have to write about them all! After watching Princess Mononoke the other day I felt some type of way and kind of wanted to explain why Ghibli Studio is just so brilliant! I do want to say that Hayao Miyazaki is my all time favorite and will always hold such a huge part in my anime influence. Not only did he introduced me to anime in general, he brought me to the dark side and caused me to become so obsessed with the anime and Japanese culture! So due to that I will list a few good reasons why he’s a genius and why his films attract all kinds of audiences, regardless of age. 



Ok so I just want to start off with this, once you’ve gotten familiar with Miyazaki for you will be able to call out his films in a heartbeat. Not only are the stories amazing but the animation is just one of a kind! The amount of detail he puts into all of his films proves why they’re all master pieces in their own special way. For those that dont know Miyazaki was a manga artist before he started making his films, which is why once again the quality of his films are so unique and hard to top. (MY PERSONAL OPINION)




You’ll notice when watching Miyazaki’s films he some how comes up with these eccentric characters. In Spirited Away there is No-Face, a spirit that is almost child-like, the more he interacts with workers at the bath house the greedier he becomes, eventually turning into a monster that destroys everything in its path. Theres also the Kodamas from Princess Mononoke and Calcifer from Howls moving Castle. The characters are a bit strange but Miyazaki finds a way to make the viewers relate and feel drawn to all of his characters. 



Although the stories are never repetitive something they all share are the – imaginary worlds Miyazaki comes up with. He does such a great job bringing you into a world you’ve never thought existed (even though it really doesn’t lol) his worlds are so surreal  but detailed, fully formed and captivating. To a bath house in the spirit world on Spirited Away to a castle in the sky on Laputa. Although they sound very fairytale-ish I guarantee that he does very well getting your attention and making you believe these are all real places! 



Although Miyazaki takes you to a whole “Nother World” the things he puts on his films re highly reliable. I will bring up one example- My neighbor Totoro (My favorite film) in this film Mei and Satsuki (the main characters) move to the country with their father to be closer to their mother who is ill and living in the hospital. This is when they meet a forest spirit named Totoro and get into all kinds of weird adventures. If you put it in an adults perspective, as a kid we all imagine stuff and make friends to help us cope with hard times, which is why I truly love this film so much. We tend yo distract ourselves with thin that makes us smile during hard times; right??


All of that being said I don’t like odd numbers which is why I chose to only list 4 reasons why Ghibli films are one of a kind. Many people find Ghibli Studio overrated due to their cliffhanger endings and very child-like concepts but I promise not only is it something you can watch it with your kids, even when you’re alone they will bring you that nostalgic feeling. If you’re starting the anime journey you might want to check out, really want to list all the films but I really don’t want to favor any of the films or miss any of them- check them out look up Ghibli Studio online and see for yourself. If you liked the content on my blog please like and follow, I also want to hear your feedback! Until next time, Sayonara!


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