Spooky Fridays: Another

Happy Friday everyone in honor of Halloween every Friday I will be dropping anime just to get you ready for the big day! It’s not too often an Anime keeps me guessing where the story is going, but “Another” certainly did that. From very early on in the story till the very climax of it all (which should be noted is extremely satisfying) “Another” never steps in the tracks of the expected, which is quite something for a horror story.
Though progressing somewhat slow in the beginning after the third episode, the series boosts away and rarely stops to let you take a breath. Ps I always watch my anime in Sub but if Im multi-tasking I try Dub just so I dont miss anything, DONT do that with this anime the DUB is ASS! so horrible I had to switch it to Sub right away. (just a heads up for the Dub viewers)


The story takes place in Yomiyama North Middle School, where main character Kouichi Sakakibara has just transferred to. Kouichi has transferred late, however, due to a hospitalization from a collapsed lung (cue creepy hospital scenes, btw). As he enters class, he notices some strange things go on, and recognizes that there is a girl, Mei Misaki, whom none of the class (including the teacher) acknowledges. And thus, the story begins.  As for the story, I thought it was very well thought out. Each death scene, even, is so well planned and not so seemingly forced by the writers, which made them a bit more shocking to me. With a healthy amount of twists that occur throughout this 12-part series, I found myself freaking out on some parts, yelling “how, even?!” to my screen (in a good way), and even shedding a few tears (okay, I cried at the end). Character development in this anime is also very nice. When characters die, it’s impossible to feel apathy as there has almost always been some sort of connection established just enough towards that character. There are even some moments where it’s hard to believe that some characters are actually killed off.


Just a few things to note about this series

  1. Its only has 12 episodes
  2. It starts off slow and can be slow at some points
  3. Koichi one of the main characters is a pussy! but dont let that distract you from the fact that the show does have potential and is interesting
  4. It would have been more effective to reveal the mystery in episode one, and instead focus on uncovering the source of this mystery. To give an analogy that doesn’t spoil Another, imagine a crime thriller without knowing there is a killer at all. People die from who knows what for reasons unknown. What is there to latch onto? It is better knowing there is a killer, but not knowing who the killer is – give something to fear rather than random deaths. Another clutched every card to its chest until the final episodes.

Listing all of the above I still enjoyed this 12 episode series, I like being realistic with viewers making them understand that not everything is great but that doesn’t mean its not worth watching. I still enjoyed the series very much sometimes short series can be so good that it leaves you wondering what if they made it longer or why make it so short? Other series have so much going on sometimes you tend to feel that the writers are rushed or might not even be able to fully explain the concept of the show in just 12 episodes which is also ok. I tend to look at things from different points when something is so on point that I praise it 100% and if not I will also point out the small flaws. This show did come out a while back its from 2012 its not so recent, the reason why I really wanted to trow it out there is because

  1. I personally enjoyed the dark art a lot
  2. Its short you dont have to spend much time on it
  3. Super creepy, some scenes gave me chills
  4. I really liked Mei Misaki- She gave me Rei Vibes (Evangelion)


I highly suggest it for shock horror fans.  If you want to hide under a blanket as people die in horrific ways on the screen, then Another is for you. Don’t expect much else. Ps I have a list of the Fall season shows Ill be covering so due to it being released per episode I might do summaries on the episodes Ive watch so you can have a feel of the series and know if its worth you watching. If you liked todays contend please like, comment if you have any feed back and FOLLOW!! Thats all for today till next time Sayonara!

2 thoughts on “Spooky Fridays: Another

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  1. Just wondering if you intended the Ajin gif in the middle?
    I agree with you about the dub to this one. While I’m generally a sub watcher anyway, owning this on DVD, I did try the dub so I could use the anime as background while doing other things. The voices, particularly Kouichi’s really bothered me and none of them are particularly expressive so I gave up pretty quickly and just went back to subs.


    1. Yes I did purposely put that there wanted to give off a scary feel without giving away a scene. Idk sometimes I dislike watching a trailer and seeing something thats I the movie thats kind of a shock factor so I did it for that reason. Not sure if it was a good idea but glad you noticed! Yes I felt like the voices didn’t match the character or gave me the emotion I needed to hear.

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