Evangelion:Neon Genesis

Ok so this blog has been something Ive been wanting to write about for a very long time I just didnt know where or how to start due to how deep this show is, this is one of those anime that will completely mind fuck you! I first started with the Rebuild films like 2 or 3 years ago and totally fell involve. When I started my blog this was always number 1 on my list but ended up writing  about something else due to the amount of detail this blog requires (also I didnt watch the series at the time, so this was just based on the movies) as I was looking for something to post I thought “why not watch the Neon Genesis first” Im so glad that I took my own advice and watched the series because it was so totally worth it!!! I always hear people say “Harry Potter Movies are good but the books are better” well it was pretty much like that. Theres so many things that were left out and kind of rushed on the rebuild films that I finally got to understand. A good example is the character development I never noticed watching the movie but they made the characters very bland and didn’t show enough of each character to kind of make you understand their personalities. So I decided to challenge myself a bit and just explain how amazing this series is. I might have a few SPOILERS for those that haven’t watched it and for those who have,  if theres anything you want to add that I might of missed  leave your feedback down below!!!


For such a great anime I noticed theres a lot of people say that “Evangelion is overrated, too complicated and only has good fight scenes” Like seriously how can you not like such a master piece, you see when I originally watched Evangelion for the first time I watch all the rebuilds back to back and found it amazing. It mind fucked me the first time, there was so much to take in that  my first reaction was “WTF did we just watch”. The concept is so deep you must pay attention to more than just the great fight scenes! So this is the order that I watched

  1. Evangelion 1.0- You are (NOT) Alone
  2. Evangelion 2.0 -You can (NOT) Advance 
  3. Evangelion 3.0 – You can (NOT) redo
  4. Evangelion: Neo Genesis ( was bomb and explained everything so well)
  5. Neo Genesis: The End of Evangelion 
  6. Neon Genesis: Death and Reborn (like a recap of everything)

Im glad I watched the films first only because I didn’t feel out of place watching the series, since I had that background knowledge I didn’t ask things like “Whats a Lilith”  and so on. I will briefly list the characters and while theres a lot of characters I didn’t list please keep in mind im trying to not make this into a book so I will list the most important ones.

  1. Shinji Ikari– The protagonist of the series he pilots unit 1 and acts like a pussy majority of the times.
  2. Misato Katsuragi– She is the operations director at Nerv, total bad ass I love everything about her.
  3. Rei Ayanami– She is the First Child and pilot of the Evangelion Unit 00 I must say although she doesn’t show much emotion, she is still very important to the series.
  4. Asuka Langley Soryu– She is designated as the Second Child and the pilot of the Evangelion Unit 02. Although so many people dislike her after learning her story she definitely became my favorite character! I love her so much!!
  5. Gendo Ikari– Head of Nerv and also Shinjis father and he’s an asshole.
  6. Ritsuko Akagi– . She is Nervs head scientist and is heavily involved in the repairs and maintenance of Tokyo 3.
  7. Ryoji Kaji–  He is employed by NERV as a special inspector, also Katsuragi’s love interest.
  8. Kaworu Nagisa-He is the Fifth Child, He is sent to Nerv by Seele as a replacement pilot for Unit 02 (and theres more to him I rather not say at the moment.
  9. Kouzou Fuyutsuki–   is second-in-command of Nerv HQ and Gendo Ikari’s right-hand man

Although many think that the anime is based on Teenagers killing aliens in a bio-robots, it is so much deeper than that! If you pay close attention then you will learn that everything revolves around Human Instrumentality Project (lets call it HIP)  that will be later discussed in the series. I hate to get all otaku on you guys but its hard to explain the main points without some background knowledge, so bare with me and try taking this in. We have Adam and Lilith and they both have a spear of Longiness. Now the Adam seed is the Fruit of Life and the Lilith seed is the Fruit of knowledge, in a world where theres just an Adam seed it will be dominated by Angels. In a world where a Lilith seed lands human and animal life will be formed. Heres the problem two seeds lands on earth Adam arrived first but before the angels life can start, Lilith collided with the earth destroying her spear of longiness. That caused the first impact, since Lilith lost her spear, Adam was locked by his own. Thats what the spears are designed for, to deactivate one seed to prevent the joining of the two seeds. All this being said were going to speed up to the 2000s where Katsuragi’s Father and his crew traveled to the South Pole to research and experiment with Adam. To experiment they put Adam in contact with a human (bad mistake) Second impact occurs wiping out half of the worlds population, you’re asking yourself why would a second impact occurs? Lilith created life on earth so the joining of a human (contain some of Lilith DNA) and Adam was enough to create a global disasters (Lilith and Adam can’t join y’all) In this impact Kaworu Nagisa was created, he is Adams soul.


Now Im legit breaking this shit down so if you’re not following or whatever then I really dont know what to tell you. Evangelion does throw all these pieces out there but you need to use your common sense to put it all together which is why people dont really get the concept. Now were going to discuss what happened to Shinji’s mom (Yui Akari) She did a contact experiment with Eva unit 01 , she desolves into the LCL and her soul was absorbed by the Eva core (the unit that Shinji pilots BTW) While people though it was an accident Yui planned it from the start to live within the Eva as eternal proof of humanities existence. Gendo (Shinji father) couldn’t bare living without her so he started the Human Instrumentality Project so that he can reunite with Yui but Seele (organization) wants to use that project to basically erase the flaws in humans (like creating a perfect world) this is why Gendo and Seele create Nerv, not to only kill the Angels but to start the Human Instrumentality Project. Soon after the “disappearance” of Yui, Gendo creates Rei with both Lilith and Yui’s DNA (Lilith soul is basically inside Rei)


Knowing all of this  let’s talk about Kaworu Nagisa for a moment. Basically- he’s Adam’s soul in a different vessel they call him the “17th Angel” He shows up because, SEELE who have been holding him to initiate their “Human Instrumentality Project” send him to Nerv.( they think Nerv has Adams body but its really Liliths)  I’m skipping over some stuff because I truly want to save some time. In order to initiate HIP they need Unit 01 to serve as the catalyst for it. So back Kaworu he gets to know Shinji. He goes down into NERV to try to free Adam- finds out they have Lilith, not Adam. Basically if Kaworu merged with Lilith, humanity would explode and everyone would die. Kaworu decides to not kill all of humanity because it’s a good race so he asks Shinji to kill him so he can’t be used to destroy the human race. Ofcoarse Shinji dramatic ass killed him and this is kind of an important moment in this series. Through out the series you will see that Shinji always made it clear that no one loved him, Kaworu told Shinji that he loved him. (The scene was a little queer, made me see their bond a little different) I was a bit confused since Kowaru was barely around but I get it, in the short amount of time he was around, he realized how great they all were in their own twisted ways. You see my only issue with the series is that there is too much focus on Shinji at times where big stuff is happening (so distracting) makes you loose focus on the bigger picture. I basically summarized the series as much as I could might of left some stuff you will consider useful but hey this is good enough!


Let’s talk about the movie “End of Evangelion”. Basically what happens here is: The Human Instrumentality Project happens anyway because of some stuff resulting in the “Third Impact”. (Basically- Adam and Lilith finally got together (because Gendo shoved the Adam fetus in Rei) This is the “freeing of all the souls of Lilith-based lifeforms” (humans). Shinji in Eva Unit 01, who was the catalyst for all this, is spared and asked by the new god (it’s a weird… Rei, Lilith, kinda Adam hybrid) if he wants all of humanity to be merged. He explores his feelings on the matter and decides it would be best if everyone was an individual. This doesn’t do much as all of humanity has already left their body and “died” so it’s basically just him and Asuka on a beach on a planet devoid of life. (The implication is that, eventually, the rest of humanity’s soul’s will probably be born into new vessels at some point)

You guys I have 6 pages of notes on how I wanted to explain Evangelion but to be honest its wayyyyyy too long so I really did my best putting the important stuff together. Im contemplating on putting up a video explaining this more in depth it will probably take up less time. Over all Evangelion has it all

  • Action packed
  • Futuristic yet retro / creepy dark theme
  • It will make you question life just because its so deep (that how I felt atleast)
  • A lot of the characters grow on you, makes you really understand everything as whole

Regardless of anyones opinion this will forever be my favorite anime aside from My Neighbor Totoro. If you never watched it please do! If you have watched it and didn’t like it or couldn’t get into it, please give it a try. If you prefer the longer blog its in my drafts I can always post it for those who really care on my FULL point of view. Anyways please like and subscribe to my blog, you feedback is also needed. Till next time sayonara!


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