Anime savagery…

Ok so it just dawn on me the Halloween is next Wednesday, I was doing spooky Fridays and missed las week because I was sick. Sooo I wanted to briefly list a few anime these are bloody, violent and creepy must SEE. Keep in mind that the point of this post is to get you to go and watch them so I won’t be going in-depth with them just a brief summary and some cool gifs!! If I missed any good ones please share with me who knows I might of not watched it so lmk!! Sooo here we go

#5 Corpes Party


So with this one basically a group of students suddenly find themselves in an older version of their school which is haunted, they try to get out and survive.( I basically described it all in one sentence) This series is one of those that will make you cringe (may vomit if you have a weak stomach) Where as this is still not my favorite horror anime, I still think that it did an amazing job with what little time it had. Just to point out this a small series (I guess) only contains 4 episodes each 30 minutes long .For it only being two hours worth of your time I was very please with it, I thought the art was pretty disturbing and the sound was extremely well done as well. The opening theme was pretty good and most of the background sound, or even the lack of sound at points was a good choice for the series. The place where this series is a bit lacking is the unoriginal cast of characters. Though, to be fair, it is harder to create a cast of characters within this genre of horror that is original while also keeping it in a more modern time line, I still feel like they could of done better! I still enjoyed the series I will rate it a 5 out of 10 its not the best but still good and creepy! Correct me if Im wrong! 
#4 Parasyte 


I wanted to do a separate blog for this series but whatever its fucking good and fits in this category. Briefly- every Parasite is driven to select a host, kill them, take over their body, and assume their appearance. The resulting imitation is indistinguishable from the original human, with only the emptiness in their eyes providing any hint of their true nature. Not only do the aliens become more terrifying as we learn about them, we also come to know the main characters more intimately. Although a alien parasite feeds on people, we get to see that the diferences are very small from the humans who kill and disrespect other creatures on Earth. The main character is well constructed and fits perfectly on the story. The battle scenes are intense and leave no trail to imagination because all things like body deformation or severe damaged are showed. The main story has the needed fast and slow pass so the viewer can enjoy some fights and then have some emotional moments. I give this one a 10 out of 10 because everything is executed so well, the art is bomb, story is delivered at the right pace. I truly enjoyed this little gem!


#3 When They Cry


Ok so this one right here…. when I first watched this I thought this was a slice of life type of anime, it didn’t hit me until the 2nd or 3rd episode that I had the wrong idea about it.(heres a brief) As the village prepares for its annual festival, Keiichi learns about the local legends surrounding it. To his horror, he discovers that there have been several murders and disappearances in the village in the recent years, and that they all seem to be connected to the festival and the village’s patron god, Oyashiro. The characters are lovable and yet very creepy, disturbing and sick as well; I don’t want to spoil anything because you really should give this a shot; you will not be disappointed! This series can be very confusing and it left me bewildered, almost nothing is answered even at the end and that is why you must be sure to watch when they cry: Kai (season 2) once you complete the first season. In total it is about 50 episodes you’ll be watching but its very good, this is one of those things I can’t explain briefly ( too confusing) but please trust me and watch it!! I say this is a 8 out of 10 only because if you’re the type to not follow good with the story and pay attention you will be confused. Very suspenseful over all!


#2 Beserk (1997–1998)


Ok so I will only be covering the 1997 series( 25 episodes) just because its one of my all time favorite! Even though it doesnt fully fall into the “horror” theme Ive been listing, this one is so violent at times; that it is horrifying. This one is one of those that I judge based on it looks and became hooked by the end of episode 2, I love the midievil aspect rather than the usual sci-fi, or goth (vampire) themes. The plot of Berserk is purely the stuff of pulp fiction novel series: a young man with a talent for killing falls in with a group of super-mercenaries, and with them, grows into the most lethal warrior of his time. At first Berserk seems full of action and gore, but that’s just on the surface. The story is more about friendship, love and betrayal. The crude nature of the series might be a bit too much for some people but is completely justified for the era Berserk is based in. While the art isn’t super crisp and detail I still loved it very much, it went so well with the darkness of this anime and I personally wouldn’t change it. Another thing I do want to call out while one of a few anime that sounds pretty good dub. Only thing that left me with mixed feelings is the ending, it left me feeling like what TF is this (I felt betrayed almost). Over all awesome anime, awesome characters, blood and killing! I give it hands down 10 out of 10


#1 Elfen Lied (AGAIN!)

This anime holds a place in m heart because this is one of those that made me realize that anime can leave you completely shocked and emotionally disturbed. I started watching anime back in 2011 and this is what introduced me to violent and disturbing stuff. This series only has 13 episodes and no lie it pissed me off a little, I wished there was more to it but in a sense maybe thats why I liked it so much. Nothing of this series was repetitive nothing about it was dull, the characters are unique in their own way.  The art animation is beautiful and a pleasure to look at. The story itself is brilliant. A very violent and emotional story about a girl, Lucy, and her life and place in a big conspiracy about human evolution. I did cover this anime before,  more detailed on the characters and storyline. This is always one of top anime I recommend because the struggle the characters have are relatable, the killing and story just blends so well. Ps this anime is one of the few that I watched dubbed and really wasn’t bad at all! I would watch this again and not be bored or disappointed with it, still gives me the same reaction each time. I will say 10 out of 10 and definite must see!!


So while I did mention some anime that aren’t exactly “horror” they’re still violent the plots are amazing and they’re are worth watching. I feel like the “horror” category is hard to follow in anime and while some aren’t really consider “horror” the savagery, brutality, fucked up concepts and killing is basically horrific. Thank you so much for reading and if theres any good bloody anime you suggest please comment below, don’t forget to follow! Until next time Sayonara!! 


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  1. With the exception of Corpse Party, I’ve seen all of these, and enjoyed them. I like Berserk the best on this list since it’s characters, and story made it a favorite of mine. I just simply loved how the story developed. The first episode might have gotten my interest with it action, but I stayed for everything else.

    As for horror anime recommendations I got none to be honest XD. I barely watch anything horror related since it doesn’t interest me much. In terms of things simply being brutal Genocyber comes to mind, but only the first episode. The rest of that OVA goes into some nonsensical stuff.


    1. It’s hard because there’s anime that is described as “horror” but really isn’t. I found it a little difficult listing things but then again some people do feel a shock factor when watching things that are violent and bloody, so I just tried remembering things I’ve watched that fall into that. As far as Berserk definitely a favorite and I always recommend it, I liked how you can definitely find a character to identify with, even if it is not the main character. There’s so many people that will simply not give it a chance because of its whole mid evil theme but have no clue what they’re missing out on. I will definitely look into Genocyber and see what it’s about. Thank you!!

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