My Hero Academia!!!

I must begin with….Yess I am a little behind, this has been recommended to me so many times and wowww (Ive only watched season 1) now that Im hooked I will continue to watch this until theres nothing left to watch. Since Im in the process of watching this amazing anime I will keep it short and simple, will get right to the point and thats basically it. I love going in depth with my blog but this will be my first short and simple approach. I do apologize in advance for this half ass blog of mine but one I’m a little rusty, Ive been a little unmotivated- I definitely want to put things out there even if its short. 


What is it about???  The story is set in the modern day, except people with special powers have become commonplace throughout the world. Heroes have now filled the world to defeat villains. Theres a boy name Izuku Midoraya that was born with out a quirk and only wished to be as good as his favorite hero All Might. (the one day his dream came true!)

What are your first impressions??  My first impression was “Ok so this is another one punch man type of show” – where the hero defeats the villain with out much effort, I was very off .What makes the show so interesting from many like it is characters they’re so likable! Yes they have powers that are kick ass but along with their great powers, there is also weaknesses that they struggle with. The fact that its the team work its not just based on one single character. This show has a lot of heart and I definitely think it has the potential to be much deeper and more complex than just a “superhero” anime.


Favorite Character so far?  Midoraya because even though he was born without a quirk he is still determine to be a hero, although he comes off a bit timid and frequently overreacting to abnormal situations he still manages to get it together and doesnt give up!. Second favorite is Todoroki- half ice and half fire kid! He’s very nonchalant and always ready to kick ass, he also has great control of his power. He defiantly takes care of shit. I also liked Shota Aizawa, his character is a bit like me- lazy, goofy but takes care of business when it comes down to it. ( didn’t list All Might because he’s everyones favorite but I defiantly love him as well) 

Who do you want to see more of?  Honestly I want to see more of everyone this anime so far gives me team work vibes. Although it is based around some of the more “main character” I love almost every character. I feel like its not one of those anime that gives you 3 main characters and thats it, it shows are cool everyone is and how much potential they all have to defeat evil!! 


Are you going to continue watching? YESSSSSS the amount of action so far, all the good characters, the storyline so far is developing great! Not to slow or too fast, Im very excited for this one. Although I’m like a whole year late who cares- better late than never! I dont usually watch the same shit everyone does at the same time, too many spoilers out there. So by now while everyones on season 3 here is little ole me watching the Season everyone watched ages ago! Note THUMBS UP ON THE DUB version wowww very very good, although I watch my shows sub I can defiantly watch it Dub and have no complaints whats so ever! If you’ve watched this show please understand my excitement and if you haven’t watched it please do!! I will be doing a follow up blog in like a day or 2 depending how far I get! Until next time Sayonara!

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  1. I remember I wasn’t too excited about starting season 1 of My Hero Academia, and then I decided to catch up view the first four episodes of season 1. I was hooked. It is just so much fun. While season 3 was a little bit less fun, the story as a whole is still great and I’m looking forward to more of these characters in the future.
    Hope you continue to have fun with it.


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