Who are these people?

So for a Tuesday morning I wanted to wake up early and share some of my favorite characters with you guys. Anime tell a story but it wouldn’t be brought to life without the amazing characters of coarse. Its so hard to choose which characters are my favorites some are because their story is so relatable and some are just because they’re just fucking awesome!

#3 Spike – Cowboy Bebop

Cool Guy

First time Ive watched CowBoy Bebop I could help but to completely fall in love with this guy, dont get me wrong all the characters are really cool and have something likable about them but he just stood out. He’s one of those Characters thats really cool an smooth, he knows he’s the shit without really being cocky about it. Spike proved to be a versatile character; he was an expert pickpocket, a gearhead who worked on his own spaceship, a clever detective, a badass fighter and also a lover. (In other words he’s just cool!!) I must say he’s one of those characters that you just can’t forget; if you haven’t watched Cowboy Bebop please do! its defiantly a classic. 

#2 Guts- Berserk 

This character right here were do we begin…. Born from a corpse that was left hanging from a tree, his life didn’t get any easier from there. He sees his friends and loved ones brutalized, raped, or killed (or all of the above), and eventually loses an arm and an eye. What truly made me like him a lot is his strong will, his attention to detail, he is thoughtful and very strategic when it comes to fighting. At points you get to see a human side of him and to see all this fucked up shit happen to him I gave him major props for continuing to push through. We see the story through the eyes of a man who has every reason to detest the world, but is still fighting to protect the good in it. Definitely check this one out!

#1 Asuka- Neon Genesis Evangelion 

She’s very arrogant and is constantly pushing everyones buttons, you’ll notice that she always has the need to be the best and second isn’t a choice. I originally started with the rebuild films so my first impression was “I hate her” but once I got into the Neon Genesis series she actually became my favorite character (aside from Misato) One thing you’ll notice it that majority of the characters on this show has suffered, they all had traumatic experiences as children, they really had no true guidance. Growing up Asuka was neglected by her biological mother, she felt that being an Eva pilot will not only make her mom proud but also make her get the love she’s always wanted. That never happened because her mom committed suicide and poor Asuka had to witness that, Asuka repressed these emotions and used her pride and arrogance as a shield, being angry and making others angry is the only true emotion she was able to express. Truly she was sensitive, she wanted love and to be accepted (something thats very human) therefore I love everything about her character. Although I can not fully relate to every detail in her life, her struggles are real and we can all understand and relate to a certain extent. I must say although this anime isn’t for everyone its a classic Ive written a blog only for this series (breaks down “What is Evangelion”) this will always be one anime that I suggest to those that want action, emotion, blood and a whole lot of other stuff! 

Even though theres a lot of amazing characters out there I chose the ones that stood out to me, I know theres a lot of other fascinating characters that are just as awesome to you. Please share your favorite characters in the comments, spread the knowledge! Until next time arigatou 


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