What would anime be?

Hey guys I do apologize for my very inconsistent blogging between work and traveling back and fourth I haven’t had the time. I finally am settled again and ready to jump into my weekly (hopefully daily) blogs once again! This time around I wanted to share something that might be helpful to those who are just getting into anime and don’t know really what to watch. I truly learned that when I started watching anime if there was a certain type of art or story pattern I really liked, to look up the director and you’ll be surprised how many films you’ll discover that were just as good as the first one. I will only list a few and mainly the ones that anyone will enjoy.

Hayao Miyazaki

Lets start off with the stories, his stories never seem to disappoint me I started with The secret world of Arriety then Spirited Away when I discovered my all time favorite My Neighbor Totoro ( I even have a tattoo of him, thats how much I love the film) and so on, the stories are so full of life and always leaves you with all these what if at the end. The art is also one of a kind, I can look at anime and I can tell if it belongs to studio Ghibli. It just stands out, although there are some people that feel that Mayazakis work is “overrated” I personally disagree, I feel that as an adult it left me feeling like a kid, the way I will get into each and every film is just wow to me!

Katsuhiro Otomo

What would be anime without Akira?? I must say that there is no anime out there like it, I personally love the art style (that 80s look, my all time favorite era) The thing that I love about his work is that it didn’t make me feel like it was made for a specific audience like many anime, the violence and sexual content just made it seem very real. All the films have that vintage yet futuristic look which caught my attention and also made it seem timeless.

Masuaki Yuasa

Mind Games introduced me to this director his style is sooo unique through out the film the art style will constantly change which shows how diverse his work his, this film left me completely mind fucked! I highly suggest this anime along with, Lu over the wall, The night is short keep on walking girl (I did a full review on that one) and series such as Devilman Crybaby and Tatami Galaxy. I like how much he’s able to fit into one story leaving you wondering whats next, I love how majority of the art work is shapes and patterns within each other. I definitely suggest looking up his work!

I also left out Satoshi Kon, Shinichirō Watanabe, Mamoru Oshii and many other amazing people in our anime world. There just so much talent out there and I will forever continue to discover many more, sometimes I feel like I dont have enough time to watch everything but with due time my list and knowledge will continue to grow. I was thinking about binge watching some stuff over the weekend, any suggestions please comment below I will truly appreciate it!!! If you liked my blog please like and follow!! Until next time, Sayonara!

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  1. If you want a good anime drama to watch I highly recommend In This Corner of the World by MAPPA if you haven’t seen it already. A truly wonderful movie. Another anime I would recommend is a fantasy one called Big Fish & Begonia. It’s from China, but it’s animation is stunning, and tells a great story. It has some issues like a pointless villain, but it offers quite the experience. As for series, I recommend Kamisama Kiss. It’s just a fun romance comedy.


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