Call it overrated…

Happy Friday guys! So its 3am right now I wanted to drop something today for just the hell of it and after much thought I decided to talk about anime that are totally OVERRATED!! Now I just want to make something very clear, just because I consider something OVERRATED it doesn't mean that its not... Continue Reading →

Must see short films

Happy Humpday guys to celebrate mid week I wanted to drop something simple yet pleasing to the human eye. So far Ive covered some pretty interesting stuff this week I want to focus on what makes anime so exciting. You might want to know what that is don't you?? Well its the ART of coarse, we... Continue Reading →

Roujin Z

Hey guy I'm back with an awesome anime for y'all, I suck for only dropping a blog once a  week but I'm woking on some pretty cool stuff I promise!! I wanted to cover one awesome film that I watched today I must say that its never too late to learn new things. As yall... Continue Reading →

Elfen Lied

Hey guys Im back again with a new blog definitely worth reading and watching, wanted to cover one of my all times favorite (I know I say that a lot but I watch a lot of good stuff). I really will try my hardest to not spoil it for everyone but then again its pretty... Continue Reading →

Michiko e Hatchin

  Hey guys I’m finally back!! I was super bummed about being away for a whole week but due to some technical issues I haven’t been able to post anything until now! Today I wanted to cover one awesome series, Michiko and Hatching if you’re looking for an action filled series then here you go,... Continue Reading →

The Wolf Children

So this one Ill have to keep it simple its not one of those anime that have a crazy, action packed story line.Its still worth sharing once again I can watch literally anything, I'm  pretty sure this is more of a chick anime lol but due to the art and also the story I had... Continue Reading →

How about Bounty Hunters?

Ok so lately I've been covering a lot of old school anime, today I wanted to switch it up a little (maybe) .... Honestly I've been trying to find the right anime to pick only because I didn't want to bore anyone with "old looking stuff" but what ever hopefully this one will do Cowboy... Continue Reading →

My top 3 Underrated : anime films

There's so much good anime out there but I personally have an eye for weird not so popular anime. There's been times I've watched something I wasn't really into but did it for the experience. A lot of my favorite ones are older ones because they just seem so fresh and the art is so... Continue Reading →

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