The Wolf Children

So this one Ill have to keep it simple its not one of those anime that have a crazy, action packed story line.Its still worth sharing once again I can watch literally anything, I'm  pretty sure this is more of a chick anime lol but due to the art and also the story I had... Continue Reading →

How about Bounty Hunters?

Ok so lately I've been covering a lot of old school anime, today I wanted to switch it up a little (maybe) .... Honestly I've been trying to find the right anime to pick only because I didn't want to bore anyone with "old looking stuff" but what ever hopefully this one will do Cowboy... Continue Reading →

My top 3 Underrated : anime films

There's so much good anime out there but I personally have an eye for weird not so popular anime. There's been times I've watched something I wasn't really into but did it for the experience. A lot of my favorite ones are older ones because they just seem so fresh and the art is so... Continue Reading →

Studio Ghibli: The Ocean Waves

Welcome! Ok so for my first time blogging I wanted to do a review on this film that I watched a few days ago ( so typical but hear me out) Ghibli Studio will definitely lure you with their fascinating story lines and art! My first ever anime was Spirited Away (one of the most... Continue Reading →

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