What would anime be?

Hey guys I do apologize for my very inconsistent blogging between work and traveling back and fourth I haven't had the time. I finally am settled again and ready to jump into my weekly (hopefully daily) blogs once again! This time around I wanted to share something that might be helpful to those who are... Continue Reading →

Who are these people?

So for a Tuesday morning I wanted to wake up early and share some of my favorite characters with you guys. Anime tell a story but it wouldn't be brought to life without the amazing characters of coarse. Its so hard to choose which characters are my favorites some are because their story is so... Continue Reading →


Ok so I just finished watching this mini series and I totally love it!! I never heard of it but one of my twitter followers told me to check it out and Im glad I watched it. If you want to watch something but don’t want to commit to 24+ episode definitely watch this series.... Continue Reading →

Call it overrated…

Happy Friday guys! So its 3am right now I wanted to drop something today for just the hell of it and after much thought I decided to talk about anime that are totally OVERRATED!! Now I just want to make something very clear, just because I consider something OVERRATED it doesn't mean that its not... Continue Reading →

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